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Benefit to the Students

Observation Power

Attending robotic courses can help increase your observation power. This is because you will learn how to program and operate robots, which will help you better understand their movements and behaviors.

Thinking Ability

Robotic education can help students increase their thinking ability. This is because when they are exposed to robotic tasks and activities, they learn how to think critically and solve problems.


Attending robotic courses can help to increase creativity in students. This is because the courses introduce students to new and innovative ways of thinking, which can then be applied to their school work.

Our Successful Business Models

Android Robo


  • We Tie-up with the Schools and educate all the students from 3rd to 9th on Robotics
  • Teach with our own teacher
  • We Provide robotic materials, book materials and curriculum.
  • It's a B2B based Highly Profitable model.
  • Also the Business is renewable year on year.
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Robo Box


  • Parents shall buy Robotic Kit Box for the kids.
  • Kids shall use the Kit Box at their home.
  • Level 1 Kit Box shall be sold at around Rs. 14000.
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Franchise Model, Cost and return

  • License: The Franchisee shall market inside an agreed district
  • Brands: The Franchisee shall market for the all the above mentioned brands
  • Investment: The investment to become our Franchisee varies between 1.5 Lakh to 6 Lakh depending on the size of the District and the number of schools in the district
  • Receivables on Investment: Marketing Materials + Sample Kit Box + Sample Book Materials + Marketing and Technical Training + Marketing and Technical SPOC
  • Returns: The returns on this investment are huge and quick. The average billing in a school will be around 5 Lakh, but it’s possible for one company to have turnover greater than 30 lakhs with just six tie-ups!

Why to Franchise with Us?

  • Get a successful business model with minimal investment
  • Quick and huge return on your investment
  • Enjoy the benefits of an established product, process, and concept
  • Save time and money with this tried and tested franchise model
  • Own Product and Software
  • Save over 3 years and 2 Crores of investment which the Franchiser has invested to create the product
  • Enjoy the benefits of an existing customer base and supportive franchisees