Learning for the Kids by having My Robo Box at Home

The kids shall learn the Robotic Concept, Build the Robot, Program it in the way they want the Robot to work, keep learning & enjoy the fun of Robotics. After learning to build those 8 Robots, the students shall innovate robots at will as the kit box is customizable.

Age eligibility:
Minimum 7 Years
Maximum – Any one with an interest to learn Robotics

Actual Cost : Rs. 20,000
Offer Price : Rs. 14,000 /-

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About My Robo Box

My Robo Box is an unit of Android Robo which is a multi-disciplinary Robotics program that has specially tailored curriculum to teach young school students about Robotics.

Robotics includes Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, S.T.E.A.M and Programming which encourages students to connect these disciplines.

Android Robo had trained over 2.3 Lakh Students in over 200+ Schools and with that experience is now offering Robotic Kit Box for the students to develop Robots at their home itself.

  • My Robo Box is a Robotic Kit Box that contains 54 different components.
  • Using which 8 different pre-designed Robots shall be built.
  • A detailed manual will be given in pdf format for step by step process on how to build the Robots.
  • The Kit Box also offers one licence for a Robotic Programming Software named Robowiz.
  • Using which the Robot shall be easily programmed.
  • The Robot will work differently with different programs.

Advantages of My Robo Box

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